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Intel’s first smartphone arrives, nobody cares.

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Intel has released the  Xolo X900, its first entry into the smartphone market. It has a single core Adam chip, a 400 MHz GPU and will probably make little to no splash in the states.

I was recently in a discussion at work with a gentleman who told me he loved his prepaid Boost Mobile android phone. It’s a generic Android device with an ambiguous name like “Desire” or  “Sensation,” to the point where you’re not sure if they’re talking about a phone or a prophylactic.  He told me that this phone had a faster processor than my iphone 4s (turns out that wasn’t true, but it’s irrelevant). He said that it was a much better phone, but couldn’t exactly back that up.

And that’s the thing about all these android devices. Like the nearly defunct Blackberry, there are so many of these phones and they are all so similar, that the differences end up being negligible. Anyone who has studied aesthetics will know that form ultimately follows function, and the fact that you have a fast processor means nothing if your apps aren’t being honed to work in tandem with that processor, and in the case of android, they aren’t. They can’t be. With the preponderance of devices that all have different processors, there is no specialization going on like it is with ios developers.

I love Intel. I went out of my way to make sure I got an i7 chip in my macbook.  But they will never be in a position to shake up the smartphone market unless they do something different, and they haven’t. These kindred android devices, with their blocky form factor and fractured stock OSes do not help anything, even if you’re the best chip manufacturer in the country.


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April 22, 2012 at 2:28 pm

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