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Ex-Microsoft employee launches “fixing windows 8” site

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An ex-Microsoft employee who now works for Amazon has launched a web site detailing his problems with the upcoming Windows 8 platform. 

Mashable reports:

“Fixing Windows 8″ says Windows 8 is less than optimal for a mouse-and-keyboard setup. While he thinks that the touchscreen experience is “great,” he says Microsoft’s repeated assertion (seen most recently in a post about how Internet Explorer will work in the new environment) that the interface is every bit as fast and fluid on a traditional non-touchscreen PC is “not entirely true.”

Bibik, the employee, also included a video of his elderly father trying to operate the new interface unsuccessfully. 

I installed Windows 8 on my netbook last year, and immediately felt deep concerns about the metro interface. It’s great for touch screens, but on a desktop it doesn’t work at all. Unlike JoliOS, a cloud-based linux distribution that has successfully brought the flashy “Apple-esque” look to the desktop, Metro just looks cluttered and complicated. 

I ended up altering lines deep within the Windows registry to permanently boot into the regular, non-metro interface. This is something that most people won’t have the patience or knowledge to do. 

That said, I don’t think it’s fair to place an old man in front of ANY operating system and expect them to know their way around a priori. You could certainly get used to Metro after a bit of hands-on experience.

There are valid points to be made about the messiness of Metro on a desktop. I think that Microsoft will make it simpler to switch between metro and its old, familiar interface before finally rolling out Windows 8 for good. 


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March 15, 2012 at 3:32 pm

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